A writer can do so much with one word.  They can have so many ideas for a word, they know not which idea to use to write and so they may end up paralyzed; they may have a head full of ideas but they also have a blank page.  Yes, that happens to me all the time.  I find myself wanting to do too much with the one from the Daily Prompt.  I’m sure I’m the only one with this problem.  Do you take the word of the day and write a poem, some flash fiction or a nonfiction piece?  Take today’s word for example:  Transformation.  Am I to write about a person’s transformation?  And if so, whose?  Mine?  A character?  Someone I know?  A student?  A teacher?  Or is the transformation of a place, a neighborhood, city, state, home, etc.  Or maybe it’s the transformation of ideas, beliefs, institutions?  Ay caramba!

When I wrote “Brick” and “Blank,” I felt a lot of pressure, assigned by myself of course, to create something good, unique and under the one day deadline.  Whether the works were good and unique I’ll let another decide.  Because I’ve been writing a short story collection, flash fiction seemed right because I was already in the habit of writing fiction.  Flash fiction is more like one scene.  I could use those scenes later in another work.  It’s practice at least.  To me, one word is not enough for one day because the poem, the story or the nonfiction narrative can always be improved upon and that could take forever, like drinking an ocean with a straw.

I don’t need to transform my expectations of what or how I write so much as I need to be reminded that what I write will either stand finished as I complete it, like it or not, or, what I write will serve a much greater purpose down the road.  Like an ace up my sleeve.

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