All is colored with despair.

Nowhere to go,

no one who cares;

he humbles himself

and goes on welfare.

He takes without working

and has much

he’s not earned.

The wealth of another

he receives undeserved.

Reviled for taking

and hated for needing.

All who know him

are suspect of his pleadings.

For work he’ll not do,

this work he can’t do.

No sweat at the brow,

no tilling of land,

no arthritic fingers;

his fat calloused hands,

outstretched ask for more,

nothing is withheld him

because great is the store:

Take no thought for your life

what to eat, what to drink;

Why worry for clothing,

consider the lilies.

Welfare for the poor in spirit,

welfare for a contrite heart.

Welfare takes an angry fist,

and opens it apart.

Welfare takes iniquity

and casts it far away from thee.

Welfare gives a second chance

to turn to Him – a God romance.

Welfare until each dying breath,

welfare has defeated death.

For those who bow their wounded knees,

aware that they have blown it all,

and living with a joy unspeakable

are the greatest recipients of all.


Inspired by a sermon delivered by Jon Prigge, Teaching Elder at Columbia Bible Church, Meridian, Idaho.








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