Power Up

 Most of the time, I’m dragging as a teacher.  I have so much to do.  At times, I wonder that anything gets done.  And I’m not a lazy teacher, there’s just a lot going on.  I’m getting into the habit of finding specific times to power myself up.  I’m reminded of old video games I used to play, Mario Bros. really, where there would be a mushroom that would make you big or a bouncing star that would make you go faster.  I don’t see sliding mushrooms or bouncing stars around anywhere in my school to power me up, to give me that little something extra to, well, to make me feel better about teaching.  So I create them.  

She did not know I had this planned.  Two teachers helped me in that they gave up time in the theater for my class.  It was a journal entry.  A student wrote they had not been able to play the piano since coming to America.

“I love playing the piano,” she said.  “I wish others knew how good I am.”

I told everyone to sit down, an automatic audience in the theater.  I pushed the piano out and removed the black cover over it.  I set the bench for her.  And it was at about this point, that the look of “all of this is for me” flushed her face.

Yes.  Just for you.

We had fifteen minutes of class time left.  Usually I give my classes breaks but not today.  We were ending with one, waiting for the bell to ring and watching a girl play piano like two close friends who haven’t talked to each other in months.

Teaching, for the rest of the day, was a cinch.



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